The Einstein Illusion Drawing

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This drawing looks like a simple portrait of Einstein at first glance. I never thought to look for hidden images. I was really surprised to see concealed figures when I have examined it more thoroughly and that is what makes this illustration so fascinating.

About The Einstein Illusion Drawing

This portrait of Einstein may look like a normal sketch from a distance, but there are other things that you can see in his face. It may look bizarre but there are actually three young swimmers in his portrait.  Sandros has drawn this illusion portrait of Einstein in such a way that it will not only amuse but will also let the viewer use his perception as well.

About the Artist

Sandros Del-Prete studied at the Academia delle Belle arti in Florence. He studied the technique of light, shadow and texture based on the works of Michelangelo, Rembrandt and Rubens. Sandros has experimented with a variety of other illusions. According to Sandros, reality is a matter of perception, the discernment depends upon our viewpoint and different perspectives can lead us to different dimensions. Therefore, the motivation behind his artistic works are coming from how people perceive things.

Thank you Sandros Del-Prete for allowing us to post and share your drawing with hidden images. If you wish to check out more of his interesting drawings, you can go and visit his website.

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