The Famous 15 Puzzle

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In 2006, great puzzle men gave us the awesome book “The 15 Puzzle Book”–How it drove the world crazy, the puzzle that started the craze of 1880. It is a beautiful book of superior construction, paper, printing, and very well researched that it is prized by every person who has ever loved puzzles and The 15 Puzzle in particular. It finally solves the greatest puzzle ever about the 15 Puzzle and that is who actually invented it. Not only does it give the results of an exhausting research of the history of the puzzle with an amazing array of illustrations of the various forms the puzzle was sold as detailed solutions of difficult arrays to solve and why certain arrays are unsolvable. The references at the back are invaluable to any puzzle enthusiastic, particularly the books that have been written about puzzles.

When one would think that they have done all that there is to be done with this classic puzzle once again they have surprised us with this magnificently designed and produced boxed set of the puzzle. The Famous 15 Puzzle set includes a book which is a 65 page abbreviated version of the 2006 book accompanied by a beautifully made wooden 15 Puzzle. The puzzle consists of a wood tray 8″ x 8″ with 16, 1 1/2″ X 1 1\2 “wood tiles. This all comes in a sturdy slip case with a see thru top and all at an unbelievable low cost. Even if you happen to own the 2006 book, you will want to own this set as well. It is as well made as any I’ve seen and the size makes it a real joy to work with. It is an item that you will want to leave around for people of all ages to play with and they will immediately be taken with it once they see it. It is not something that will be cast aside but rather will become an item you will keep, use and enjoy for many years. If you have not seen the 2006 book, you will surely want to have it as well once you have seen this set. The 15 Puzzle has entertained people ever since it became a world-wide craze in 1880 and most people have probably seen it at one time or another. It has been produced in endless versions and attracts the interest of puzzle enthusiast or not, young or old. Generally, it has been sold as an inexpensive item with no accompanying history, solution or anything else. It is produced in two different ways. Either the sliding tiles are interlocked and not removable from the enclosure or the tiles can be removed. Removable tiles are preferred, particularly for those who first start solving it as they can be easily placed in proper order to start over. The fact that this puzzle is still around and continues to attract people after all these years certainly makes it one of the world’s most popular puzzles. Both the publishers and the authors are to be congratulated for producing such an excellent product and at such a reasonable cost actually for not much more than a paperback novel. You can purchase this puzzle at Amazon.


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