The “Times” Su Doku: The Utterly Addictive Number-Placing Puzzle (Bk. 2)

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I have been a puzzle nut ever since a kid. I have every type of puzzle imaginable as well as over 500 puzzle books. That doesn’t even take into account Crosswords. As I just turned 70, I have to admit the ole noggin isn’t quite what it used to be along with a few other things. However, back in June I came across my first SUDOKU in a little “freebie” paper I have been doing a Crossword, as well as a “STICKLER” by the well known Puzzler maker Terry Stickels for some time. At first glance I thought it reminded me of Magic Squares but not really. Then I thought it might be more like Word Search, which I don’t care much for especially after having done only a couple of easy ones. Then they got a bit more difficult and then a lot more challenging. Wow! This is so fun! I guess there have been some of these around for some time but they have never been common and I had never noticed them. No doubt, that if I scoured my library, I might find some. But what the heck in just over a month, they are literal everywhere, a lot of people are giving them a try and we are seeing a worldwide craze develop. Already, my bookstore has several books, this being one of them. As with all of them, we are given some hints on solving and The “Times” Su Doku: The Utterly Addictive Number-Placing Puzzle (Bk. 2) does a pretty fair job. However, you don’t need a lot of help to see how to do them, especially the simple ones. However, as you tackle the harder ones, here is where it gets to be real fun. No doubt, we are going to be seeing speed competitions and probably they are already working on TV Game Shows. What more is there to say but that this is a great little starter book to get you on your way and in the game. I have just seen a 3rd. book in this series. I have written reviews on other Sudoku books and they all have hints for solving, but the hints in this series is the weakest. See my reviews dated Aug. 10, 2005, Aug. 6, 2005 and 2 on Aug.3, 2005. I just purchased another Sudoku book yesterday, Sept.23 and will be reviewing it shortly done as promised, see the review on Sept 30; it’s a real good book! You can purchase this book at Amazon.

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