Traheptrix was inspired by Timur Evbatyrov’s Trapentrix puzzle but utilizing heptagons as an alternative to pentagons. Similar to Timur’s puzzle, also Traheptrix is a rigid and deeper-than-origin cut twisty puzzle. All parts are stair-shaped with 9 steps per stair, which holds the fragments together especially the small triangles. This Traheptrix puzzle features heptagon shapes and what you can see at this puzzle is a lot of heptagons in all sides. Oskar thought to bring the idea of Trapentrix puzzle to the next level and try to make it seven sided. In the beginning, the solver may find it quite hard to understand how this puzzle works. Oskar have tried to demonstrate one of the symmetries and what can be seen in the video is the ? symmetry. When this puzzle toy is twisted, the top sides are symmetrical, the solver can take similar turns around the orange part. Oskar did not scrambled it any further in the video because the mechanism inside has been quite complicated to develop and the reason is that there are no much space inside.

The solution that Oskar has found was the technique called the stairs technique and the tiny triangle piece that you can see in this puzzle toy is actually connected to other tiny triangular pieces. The whole sets of stairs all hook inside of the core. Thats what makes this puzzle stable and working. The pieces look quite nice but they are also quite fragile. When the individual engages in mental exercises through puzzles, it can help maintain the sharp functioning of the brain even when one reaches the old age. Puzzle cubes have been proven to be valuable to the preservation of short-term memory, hand-eye co-ordination and over-all concentration. It’s significant that at any age, it is important to keep the brain working on innovative and stimulating activities. You can purchase Traheptrix at Puzzle Master.

Thank you so much Oskar for allowing us to use your videos.

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