Workout Cube – geared version

Workout Cube is a regular 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cubes that necessitates great force to turn. Playing this puzzle toy is favorable for practicing speed cubing. This new version of this puzzle utilizes six tiny gear boxes with planetary gears. The gearing ratio is 7-10-25, so the little spinner turns much quicker than a face, consequently increasing the friction. The concept for this puzzle came up in a conversation between Ulrich Meffert and Oskar. Presently, speed-cubing is stupefying to watch because the solvers are too quick to grasp the solution technique that has been utilized. It is hilarious but even the analyst could not keep up with the solver to deliver explanations. Given the fact that each turn requires a lot of force and time, the Workout Cube would oblige the solver to rethink solving algorithms. The minimum total of moves solution becomes more significant than putting up a show and entertaining audiences with a fast-to-finger-trick moves.

As the solver tries to match shape, color and design, the Occipital Lobe of the brain is being exercised. As a result, both the visual scanning abilities and spatial reasoning are strengthened. More so, completing a puzzle includes fundamentals of sequencing, arranging, logical reasoning, tactic and problem solving skills. The solvers prefrontal cortex is getting a good work out. Nevertheless, the solver may not become aware but puzzle cube exercises can help enhance short term, visual memory and dexterity. There are absolutely loads of benefits that puzzle solvers can get from playing this puzzle cube. You can purchase Workout Cube – geared version at Puzzle Master.

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