X Cube

X Cube can provide the solvers with extreme fun and loads of brain twisting challenges. This puzzle cube is basically a twisting logic puzzle which features six colors oriented in the same directions. This includes yellow, white, red, orange, green and blue PVC sticker. Dare to play this twisty puzzle and see if you have what it takes to be qualified as a speed solver. It is a Medium difficulty cuboid which requires tension and lube. However, be careful in moving turning the cube parts because if the tension is too tight then the stickers will shift. This puzzle cube has a shape shift cube mechanism. Although this puzzle cube can be used for speed solving training, it cannot be used for speed cubing because the cube tiles can pop anytime when forced. Overall, this can be a fun puzzle cube that can bring delight to the solver.

The act of working with each piece of this twisty puzzle like turning it and testing for solutions, is a great way for solvers to enhance problem solving and critical thinking skills. The solver can also enhance the ability to coordinate eye, mind and hands. This twisty puzzle can provide an enjoyable way to practice hand-eye coordination. When the solver works on a twisty puzzle until successfully solving it, the solver is able to realize the value of persistence. Once the puzzle challenge is completed, the solver can feel a sense of fulfillment which can boost confidence.

You can purchase the X Cube at Puzzle Master.

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