X-Minx was recommended by Nathan Wilson. This puzzle is a prototype of Adam Cowan’s Circle Minx featuring three circles only. Evgeniy Grigoriev’s X-Cube is a Rubik’s Cube with extra layers on some faces. Likewise, X-Minx is a Megaminx with added layers on some surfaces. It can be turned like a 3x3x3 by 5. X Minx was named before the X Cube. It is interesting that this puzzle toy can become out of shape and some parts can even stick out as the solver tries to disassemble and arrange it back.

Solving such puzzle toy necessitates the solver to control and explore the pieces in order to place them in the precise order or slot. The solver needs to observe the piece, make turns and figure out the solutions. If it doesn’t work, the solver needs to start the process over again. The solver of this toy puzzle is encouraged to keenly inspect an object. The solver can practice adaptable thinking and deductive reasoning skills when trying different ways to solve the puzzle. The capability to coordinate what the eye perceives, the mind tells to do and what the hands can achieve definitely takes a lot of training. X Minx Puzzle can offer a fun way to practice eye, mind and hand coordination. You can purchase X-Minx at Puzzle Master.

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