400 Wood Boxes: The Fine Art of Containment & Concealment (500 Series)

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I have always been fascinated by boxes. An avid puzzle enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for what I call puzzle boxes. These are boxes that have a secret method required to open. They are designed with hidden panels, magnets, bars, bearings and everything imaginable that keeps them from being opened until the “Puzzle” is figured out. Unfortunately, there are no boxes of this sort in the book though there are many that could be adapted to include a locking device or mechanism. Design wise these boxes are beautiful artistic objects and a joy to behold. 400 Wood Boxes: The Fine Art of Containment & Concealment (500 Series) would be an even greater thrill to be able to pick them up and open them. All the other reviews are very good and warn that what you get with this book is a picture of the box, its overall dimensions, color and some info on the material but no construction methods. Not that there is any suggestion that construction methods or details are provided, one might think they are. In other words what you see is what you get. Anyone who designs and makes interesting boxes should find this book a real gem and a storehouse of design ideas. To someone who is interested in buying boxes like these but not really interested in making them you might have some success in contacting the artists. In addition to that, I attend a lot of Art and Craft Shows and without fail there are always a few artists who are selling wooden boxes similar to these. Common are in laid, stacking, burls, sectionals, jewelry, chess, games and at times I come across “puzzle boxes”. You can purchase this book at Amazon


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