Constrained Cube

Constrained Cube is an interesting and brain teasing puzzle cube that was created by Tom Z. This is the 90 degree version of constrained cube. The sides of this puzzle cube can only be turned into 90 degree. It is constrained by the centerpiece and because of this, this twisty puzzle is challenging to solve. The centerpiece bandages the puzzle and it works like the Latch Cube. Any algorithm that requires a 180 degree turn will not work on this puzzle cube. This is a well-designed twisty puzzle and the quality of the stickers are great. You will notice that the parts of this puzzle cube are not proportional. The center piece is noticeably the biggest cube part, the edges looks like rectangular and the corners are quite small. Because of the complex design of this twisty puzzle, it is incredibly challenging to solve.

The solver of this twisty puzzle can improve his brain power and will challenge mental skills. This puzzle cube can activate and dare the mechanisms of the brain for reasoning, logical thinking, visualization, perception, concentration, and memory. Regular mental exercises with this twisty puzzle is favorable for getting the brain in good shape and keep it healthy. This puzzle cube is designed to enhance the solvers attention, speed solving, spatial intelligence and mathematical capabilities of the brain. Solving this twisty puzzle offers complete benefits for the brain, it activates creativity and imagination in the right brain and at the same time improve the analytical and rational areas of the left brain. It is recommended to solve ten or more puzzle challenges each day.

You can purchase the Constrained Cube at Puzzle Master.

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