Dayan ZhanChi 2x2x2

Dayan ZhanChi 2x2x2 is an interesting mini twisty cube that will surely make the puzzle collectors so curious about this. Since it is just small, smooth to turn and comes in a simple and neat design, this is definitely the best cube for beginners. This is also a very good twisty cube when training for speed solving and speed cubing. This is something that is surely fun to play with and since it is very small, you can bring it anywhere and play it anytime you like. You can study the mechanism of this cube by taking away the pieces of the cube. The core of this twisty puzzle is very interesting and colorful. The rounded corners on this twisty puzzle is what makes the corner easy to turn. The layer rotation of this twisty puzzle is smooth and controllable. This is an amazing cube for speed solvers who wants to train for a competition.

When the solver engages the mind in brainteasers like this twisty puzzle, the logical thinking can improve. Another essential mental skill that is being developed by solving this puzzle cube is the deductive thinking.  Whenever the solver encounters some peculiar twists, the method of elimination will help in solving the puzzle. The solver can achieve mental stability when trying to figure out solutions for a puzzle challenge. The solver can increase the ability to think fast and concentrate very well.

You can purchase the Dayan ZhanChi 2x2x2 at Puzzle Master.

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