Formula 1 – Austin, Texas, USA

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I was completely blown away when I saw this picture. Everything looks realistic because there are real items which are added to enhance the illusory effects of this 3 dimensional artwork. It features depth and everything looks deceiving. This picture could be used in a game for spotting which are real and unreal.  There is a richness of creativity, imagination and inventiveness in this breath taking work of art.

About the Formula 1 – Austin, Texas, USA

This is one of the most impressive 3d paintings of 3DJoe and Max. They used the clever idea of adding real objects in the painting to make it look realistic. Formula 1 is all about car racing and that is what’s being depicted in this 3D painting. This is indeed a wonderful anamorphic painting; the color selection is great as well as the perspective and up and down tonal scales were excellently applied in this artwork in order to create an illusion.

About the Artist

3DJoe and Max have created many 3d paintings. Joe and Max are artists who have traveled many different places in order to create their masterpieces. They have worked with big clients such as Google, Disney, Reebok, Save the Children and Coca-Cola just to name a few.

Thank you very much 3DJoe and Max for allowing us to post and share your wonderful work of art. If you wish to see more of their amazing 3D artwork, you can go and visit the website.

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