Gear Corner Turning Octahedron

The Gear Corner Turning Octahedron is actually based on the Rubik’s cube as this similarly include centers, corners and edges. You can make turns in 90 degrees so it is basically turning like the Rubik’s cube. You can turn it just as much as how you turn a Rubik’s cube. However, all the gear pieces adds to the challenge of solving this puzzle toy. The design of this gear puzzle looks complex and difficult to solve. It should turn on the corners. It is kind of stiff but it gets scrambled very quickly. This puzzle includes a gear that can help the solver turn the gear parts. The difficulty is very high to figure out the solutions. This is one of the best gear puzzles in the world. This gear puzzle can definitely bring a fun challenge to the solver.

You may wonder if puzzle toys really work in boosting the brain power, yes it is true. This puzzle toy can actually help improve the mental skills of the solver, it can speed up problem solving, critical and logical thinking skills can remarkably improve. It can help enhance memory and brain function. You can purchase the Gear Corner Turning Octahedron at Puzzle Master.

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