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More Optical Illusions is an excellent follow-up to “The Art of Optical Illusions” by the same author in 2000 and which was voted BEST BOOK for young adults in 2001 by the American Library Association. The only thing I can say about that is, don’t let yourself think this is a book just for Juveniles. See my review for that book dated Feb 26, 2005. This book is very similar in concept, but has a whole additional array of 137 new and different illusions. To anyone who likes unusual art, graphics and the various art forms that comprise the world of optical illusions, you’ll love this book. There are a raft of books that include some illusions and even some that are full of them but none that show the breadth and variety that Seckel gives us. He must have spent an enormous amount of time searching for these examples from the works of artists all over the world and from many past years and centuries. While these illusions easily grab the attention of people of all ages and artistic as well as technical background Seckel gives explanations at least where they can be explained, to tell what makes the illusion work. It wouldn’t be fair to review this book without commenting on the superb quality of the graphics, paper, color rendition, printing and overall construction of these two books. If this book has been as enjoyable to you, as it is to me I also recommend “Masters of Deception” also by Al Seckel. See my review of it Dec 1, 2004. With all of these Optical Illusion books by Seckel, its a thrill to sit back and go through the book and come upon a whole new experience with each turn of the page. It would be a sure pleasurable treat to anyone who enjoys the world of intriguing and unusual things. Or, if that’s not enough when coming across something strange likes to ask, “How did they do that”? Well Seckel gives good explanations, if the reason is really understood. You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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