Rob’s Pyraminx

Rob’s Pyraminx was recommended at the puzzle website of Rob Stegmann. Rob has discovered an edge-less pyraminx design that has not yet been executed. He realized this while he was examining all twisty puzzles which features a tetrahedral geometry. It includes a Skewb mechanism inside so the solvers can expect that the shape of this puzzle looks similar to the Skewb model. According to Oscar, this is probably one of the easiest twisty puzzles to solve. It features pyramid shapes where the edges are hidden. The solver can turn the corners when trying to disassemble and solve back the parts. This puzzle toy is very easy to scramble and it is also very easy to solve.

The player of this toy can improve creative thinking and puzzle solving skills. The smooth parts are one of the best features of this puzzle toy and it is created in such a way so that whatever turns the solvers make, there could be no issues with the ridges. This puzzle toy can be a good starter for those who are beginners in playing with twisty puzzle toys. This simple yet delightful brain teaser can help beginners understand the concept and learn the techniques of solving twisty puzzles. You can purchase Rob’s Pyraminx at Puzzle Master.

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