Spectral Men 1989

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This tessellation is somewhat unique compared with other tessellations found on the internet. This tessellation that is made by Mokoto Nakamura is 3 dimensional and what is even more interesting is the concept of using the image of men. This tessellation is layered which creates the illusion of movement. I am so impressed with the expertise and novelty of Makoto Nakamura in creating an incredible tessellation. He has the ingenuity to bring tessellations into the next level.

About the Spectral Men 1989

This tessellation of Makoto Nakamura shows a new way to define ideograms and a novel approach to express optical illusions. The tessellation encompasses several contradictory impressions. Makoto had created numerous works that understand the world using tessellations, conveying scenes of a dense environment including man and nature. I have learned that the layered three-dimensional tessellation that Mokota used is a stereographic trial. The main objective is to create a sculptured work that is 3 dimensional and something that will look like animated.

About the Artist

Makoto Nakamura is a tessellation artist from Japan. He allows the spectator to explore the prospects of new expression of tessellation art. His works feature layered three dimensional tessellations and some of them are even animated.

Thank you very much Makoto Nakamura for allowing us to post and share your Spectral Men 1989. If you wish to see more of his incredible works, you can go and visit his website.

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