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I first came across SUDOKU in May of this year. I have been a puzzle enthusiast since I was in High School, over 55 years ago and have seen a myriad of puzzles and games come and go. I really have no favorites as I enjoy them all. From the time I completed my first SUDOKU, I knew there was something different and special about these puzzles. No special knowledge or special abilities are required for anyone of any language, skill or age to do this puzzle. Su Doku for Dummies is similar to Jigsaws and Crosswords and the reason these puzzles have become universally popular, probably outstripping all other types of puzzles. I believe we will soon see speed competitions taking various forms including TV. Checking out the Books available, I found a few already published and without doubt there will be a flood of them in the near future. You will see among my reviews, a few others I have checked out. This book is just as good as the others to get you started. It covers the basic methods and hints to help you solve them. In addition, it gives you 240 SUDOKU puzzles. In all fairness, to date, there is not really much to pick and choose among the half dozen books at this time. However, I would not at all be surprised to see more books shortly describing more sophisticated and speed enhancing methods and hints. In the meantime, you should find SUDOKU puzzles in your local newspapers. To date, I have not seen any SUDOKU magazines on the shelves but expect to see lots of them shortly. Don’t overlook the net though there is lots of good stuff by searching under SUDOKU. In the meantime, GOOD SUDOKUING! By the way you might want to check out my other Sudoku book reviews on Aug 3 (2 books), Aug 6, Aug 10 and Sep 30 of this year. You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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