Superclick Cube

Superclick Cube is a puzzle toy that features sixteen 12.7 mm diameter special spherical magnets. They are located in the corners and core. The solver needs to be aware that each pair generates a force of 2.9 kilogram. Creating a turn necessitates 4 x 2.9 = 11.6 kg of force from the solver. This makes this puzzle toy ideal for training practices of speedy cubing. This puzzle cube helps train the muscles and is also good for developing agility. The solver needs to stop and think about ways to figure out the solution and achieve the puzzle solving goals.

It is a training puzzle for speed cubers and for improving dexterity. There are magnets in each corners of the squares but it requires a bit of force in order to turn the cube parts. The solver needs to align the sides before the solver can make his next move. The solvers may sometimes find it annoying but its very good for improving hand eye coordination. It is because puzzles like this Superclick Cube are fascinating. There is an objective for solving puzzles and as a result, the solver gets a sense of achievement that creates good feeling about ones self. You can purchase Superclick Cube at Puzzle Master.

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