The Little Giant Book of Optical Tricks

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The Little Giant Book of Optical Tricks is an entertaining book for people of all ages from the wonderful publisher of books on puzzles and pastimes, Sterling. This publisher can always be counted on to produce books of very high quality paper, construction and printing. This little 4″x5″, 350 page books is a great collection of Optical Illusions or Tricks and will surely interest anyone who picks it up. Some illusions are classics and some are quite novel. Some are simple to see and some take quite a bit of thought or study. However, all are fairly simple once one “gets it”. To anyone who has not come upon optical illusions before, this is a good starter and there are other even better ones by Sterling. You can find a few others among my reviews. For one of the real masters in this field check out M.C. Escher. A favorite of mine is “Masters of Deception” by Al Seckel, my review of this book was written on Dec 1, 2004. You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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