3D Logic 2: Stronghold of Sage


3d logic 2 Stronghold of Sage is another brain stimulating puzzle game. This game comes in soothing sounds and superb graphics, you’ll devotedly play this game and it is like playing into a new dimension. Before playing, it is suggested to read the story of a game.

The players can use the arrow keys to play this game. Use left click to hold and draw across the cube then release left button. Use Ctrl and click to clear a cell. The players should use the mouse wheel to switch selected color. Remember to link every pair of similar colored markers to complete a cube. The players cannot link cells diagonally. Just in case the players break an existing link, they just have to reselect the color of the broken link by simply clicking one of two markers. Plug any gaps and take note that black cells are blocked. The player of the game can monitor how much time it took him to solve the puzzle.

You can discover more about the game by visiting www.kongregate.com where you can also play it for free online. This website is the one of the most superb sources for wide variety of puzzle games in the world.

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