3x3x3 Mixup Plus

If you are looking for an interesting and super challenging puzzle then this one is for you. The 3x3x3 Mixup Plus has extra pieces in the cube. This twisty puzzle is quite harder to solve. The objective for playing this puzzle is to scramble it up like a 3x3x3 Mixup cube and then solve it back again. What’s interesting about this puzzle cube is that some parts can be disoriented and may stick out a little bit. This puzzle cube can surprise its solver because it can have bizarre design when the parts are turned and moved. It has the exact same size as the 4×4 Rubik’s cube. The corner pieces are as big as the corner size of a 2×2 cube. The edges are noticeably small and this puzzle cube is really mind boggling to solve. This is a fun puzzle for young and old and I will surely give your mind a good workout.

Solving this twisty puzzle is one of the best ways to get real smart. This puzzle cube can definitely help you improve your cognitive skills and can boost your confidence. You can also practice patience and persistence in achieving a particular goal. This is good for relieving stress and activating the brain. You can purchase the 3x3x3 Mixup Plus at Puzzle Master.

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