6 Differences


 6 Differences is played by spotting 6 differences in 2 given pictures in a night time mode. Everything is sparkling, the street lights, the stars and the cars, almost everything is moving and that is the extra challenge. Even the things that stay in plays are really tricky. More so, this game will absolutely test your eagle eyes, your keenness in observing objects, concentration and your hunting skills. This spot the difference type of game is unique in terms of night time mode and moving objects.

The players can use the mouse to click on things which are different and press H for the hints and so you can proceed to the next level. After clicking on the different things that the player has spotted, the objects automatically become similar. In moving and sparkling images to observe, let us see how many different objects you can spot. This game can be highly addicting and is rich in awesome spot the differences challenges. Young and adults will surely love playing this game for their past time.

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