Bird Brainteasers: Puzzles, Games & Avian Trivia

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Next to reading, birding and puzzles are my most popular pastimes. In my personal library, I have over 1200 books about Birds and over 700 books about Puzzles. When I came across this little tome, Bird Brainteasers: Puzzles, Games & Avian Trivia, it immediately caught my attention because these two hobbies are not usually combined. The reason both of these pastimes attract so many is that the breadth and scope of both are limitless. With birding, there are so many ways people partake, and many partake in many ways, simply watching and feeding birds around their homes, making lists of how many seen in a day, a yea, in a particular location, making large lists that run into the thousands worldwide, banding birds, learning to tell different birds by their sounds and that is only a few but they are all a challenge in one way or another. With Puzzles the ways people partake are just as varied such as Sudoku, Word Search, Mensa Puzzles, Spot-The Differences, Sticklers, Visual Illusions, Hidden Objects, Hand Held such as Rubik’s Cubes and Take Apart puzzles and again that is only a few of the endless kinds that exist. But the one thing that is common to both pastimes is that one picks the kinds they like the best. Hence, since I had never come across a book like this, I immediately bought it. Although the book is very basic and covers a lot of the different kinds of puzzles, as well as a lot of interesting things about birds, the book sticks with the themes of birds and puzzles and the puzzles involve birds in one way or another. The puzzles are really quite easy but the book is a good introduction to both puzzles and to birds. If you have never had much interest in puzzles or birds or simply looking for something to challenge yourself, these are excellent pastimes. Amongst my reviews you can find many I have written on both subjects. You can purchase this book at Amazon.

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