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I was flabbergasted to find out that the man in this picture was real. What surprises me more is to discover that this is not just an ordinary painting because it is also a digital artwork.  The man really doesn’t appear real. It  looks like he was just painted on the canvas. This idea and concept of Alexa Mead’s is totally incredibly unique. I was able to watch the video of how she painted the man and how she made him look like a painting on the canvas. It was really fun watching her work and I can see that she is an expert with painting and photography.

About the Blue Print

Unlike other optical illusion artwork which tries to make things believable to the viewers, this artwork of Alexa Mead’s is the opposite of the usual optical illusions that we see. Alexa is trying to trick and deceive her viewers by making a real person look unreal. She first painted the background and then the flooring, the shoes and the chair. She was also the one who painted the body and face of the male model. Alexa was also the photography director of the man in this picture. This is a brilliant artwork which has a story that can stupefy anyone. Pricing is available upon request, you can contact Alexa by Gmail.

About the Artist

Alexa Mead is such a wonderful artist who can inspire, amuse and surprise her viewers. She is a hard working artist who is very much involved in the completion of her masterpieces. She can be the painter, the photographer and the director, she has the package and what it takes to be a renowned artist in this modern world.

Thank you very much Alexa Mead for allowing us to post and share your Blue Print. If you wish to see more of her artworks, you can go and visit her website.

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