ButtonHunt 3



Button Hunt 3 is a nice puzzle game that will test your critical thinking skills. If you love playing with puzzles and you think that you got the wit of a puzzle master then take the challenge of ButtonHunt 3 and let’s see how much you can accomplish. This is a game of strategy and you definitely need to keep your persistence in the entire game.

The player’s goal for this game is to locate and click the red button hidden within each puzzle. In order to achieve this goal, the player will need to interact with various objects using the left mouse button. When the red button is clicked, the player will move on to the next stage of the puzzle. The player will not be without help during the game but there are various tools that can help. The player can restart the button. Clicking the refresh button can restart the current level. When the player is stuck and cannot find the solution to the current puzzle challenge.

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