Cast 5&5 Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle

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Cast 5&5 Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle is one of the easiest Brainteasers you’ll find. It is very well made of heavy nickel coated metal and is virtually indestructible. It is a good choice for a basic starter puzzle. It can be solved by anyone who applies a little patience and perseverance. It is excellent to carry with you as an ice breaker, or time killer in a restaurant or pub. It is a puzzle that doesn’t look intimidating and once one person, young or old, solves it, everyone will want to give it a try. Twisting and turning is the road to solution and excessive force is not needed. As an added challenge, after solving it, try it with your eyes closed. Or once a few have solved it, have someone try solving it as the others count how long it takes. It’s amazing how the challenge increases when people work against time. This can be a great stocking stuffer or party favor. You can purchase this puzzle at Puzzle Master.


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