Cluesweeper is a murder mystery puzzle game. The player needs to uncover the important clues and identify the real killer. The player needs to execute sharp observation when playing this mind twisting and thrilling puzzle game. This game can be played in story mode, endless mode and duel mode. The music, the graphics, everything is really gloomy and mysterious. Test your guts and intelligence to unlock the increasing secrecies in every case. This is definitely a game of persistence and critical thinking.

The player will be playing the role of the famous detective and there is a strange murder case to solve. The payer will need to click on any tile to investigate the murder. The numbers indicate how many adjacent tiles have the objects of interest. If the player can find the murder weapon then he will earn a bonus. This game will enhance the problem solving skills of the player.

This is another interesting puzzle game to play.  Let’s see how many cases you can solve in this game. Check out to learn more about the game and where you can play it for free. This site is the niche of hottest puzzle games that everyone will surely enjoy and love.

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