Dancing Shadow of Michael Jackson

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Who would have thought that the dancing shadow of Michael Jackson could be visible from the indiscernible mash up of objects? I find this art piece marvelous because it is very tricky. I was guilty of judging this art piece as nothing but a stack of trash and I was absolutely stunned to see the dancing shadow of Michael Jackson when the light shone on this vague sculpture.

About the Dancing Shadow of Michael Jackson

Diet Wiegman designed and conceptualized this art piece to stupefy many spectators. At first, the art piece looks like a chaotic collection of trash and different items. However, when a light shines on this stack of “trash”, the viewers will unexpectedly see a perfectly formed shadow of Michael Jackson.

About the Artist

Diet Wiegman is a hardworking artist who sees art in anything and he can even make use of thrown away items. He is indeed a resourceful artist who has a brave heart to experiment and try out different kinds of new things when creating art.

Thank you very much Diet Wiegman for allowing us to post and share your Dancing Shadow of Michael Jackson art piece. If you wish to learn more about his amazing artworks, you can go and visit his website or watch his youtube video.

All images © The Diet Wiegman Archive 1965-2014′ and refer to his website.

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