Drawing Visual Illusions

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There are a lot of excellent books on Optical Illusions, but the difference with this one is that it shows how they are constructed and gives you enough instruction to try to make some of your own. Optical Illusions are a combination of several things like skills in graphic art, Geometry and above all, an interaction between the mind and the eye. The French have an excellent word for it, “Trompe L’Oeio” basically meaning “Trick of the Eye”. While Optical Illusions take a multitude of forms, no book could even begin to cover all of them. As an introduction, Drawing Visual Illusions is an excellent place to begin. It gives some basic drawing information on materials and equipment, which alone could fill a shelf full of books. Then, it covers several types of Illusions such as Impossible Figures, Illusion of three dimension and reality. Perception, Patterns, etc. are covered with examples of famous Artists such as Stewart, Arcimboldo, Fukuda, Dali, Magritte and Escher. Next Patterns are covered with several examples of Escher. Perspective is dealt with using works by Escher. The Illusions with light and shadow are examples from Dayal, de Chirico, Picunko and Subject Matter round out the book. Simple instructions on constructing these Illusions are given with many with many illustrations. The text is rather minimal but enough is given for one to “give it a try”. The skills in producing Optical Illusions do not come easily and it takes a great amount of imagination to create something new and different. However, repeating something or something somewhat similar is possible. One shortcoming of the book is that it gives nothing in the way of “Further Reading or any Bibliography for someone to pursue this art further.  As I said there are many excellent books of Optical Illusions and all one has to do is search under the following: M.C.Escher, Al Seckel, Sandro Del Prete, and Gianni Sarcone & Marie-Jo Waeber and of course Optical Illusions. Some of these books are very simple while others can be very technical, such as “Visions of Symmetry. A reading of Customer Reviews on which I have written several will help you in making a choice; the most common Artist’s works are those of M.C.Escher. There are many of his books and there are always calendars and/or posters available. You can purchase this book at Amazon.

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