Gear Minx II

The Gear Minx II comes in an interesting complex design. It is well-designed and looks enticing to play. This is a shape mod of a gear cube to look like a megaminx and they are calling it a gear minx. This is quite hard to play due to the sticker variation. This gear puzzle works like the gear Mastermorphix and it is pretty cool to turn and move the gear parts. The smooth movement of the gear parts can make this puzzle fun to solve. Just be careful in scrambling the gear parts because you might get pinched. The center edge can be flipped and the solver of this puzzle may sometimes encounter such weird cases with the arrangements of the gear parts. This gear puzzle can be solved using the same algorithm which is used in solving the Mastermorphix.

Solving this gear puzzle can actually help you become smarter as it power up the functioning of your brain. It is a very good habit to challenge your mind. You can improve the your cognitive skills by keeping your brain active Dare your brain with mind boggling exercises like solving this gear puzzle because this can keep your brain fit as you age. Any games that make you think can activate regions in your brain which are all related to complex reasoning. The size and structure of the neurons and the connections between them actually improve as your brain is engaged in some good mental exercises. You can purchase the Gear Minx II at Puzzle Master.

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