Geared Mixup

The Geared Mixup was invented by Oskar van Deventer and it is a combination of two puzzles. This is a combination between the gear cube and the mixup cube. In a gear cube, when you turn the side in 90 degrees, the centers turn in 45 degrees, the same thing for the mixup cube. The centers mix up with the edges when the top of the cube is rotated. This is a very fun puzzle to solve because the cube parts are smooth to turn and move. This can surely bring an enjoyable puzzle experience to its solver.  These features of the mixup and gear cube are all present in this Geared Mixup.

However, there are still many features of the geared and mixup puzzle which are not included in this twisty puzzle. This puzzle cube is an unlock version of the geared cube. You can completely scramble this cube. It can be totally messed up without having blocked puzzle parts. This is very difficult to solve and in fact an extremely brain twisting puzzle. This puzzle cube has an excellent quality. It really wants to be twisted and scrambled, it turns incredibly well and it is really great for practicing speed cubing and speed solving. This is a superior puzzle that will surely keep your brain active and sharp, you can spend long hours of having fun in solving this twisty puzzle. You can purchase the Geared Mixup at Puzzle Master.

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