Impossible Bottle with Deck and Lock

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I was completely stunned to see this impossible bottle with a deck of cards and a lock that are both suspended inside. I don’t know what magic trick or puzzling methods Laurence used in order to create such an impossible bottle. Whether you are a serious puzzler or simply curious about this impossible bottle, you will find it amazing.  All objects inside enter through the bottle’s neck.

About the Impossible Bottle with Deck and Lock

This is possibly the one of the most perplexing impossible bottles on the record. Laurence created a hole through the deck of cards, to which a lock is connected. The deck and the lock are suspended by a rope through a bead and up to a Turks Head knot exterior. Laurence showcases puzzles as an art form in this impossible bottle.

About the Artist

Laurence Crichton is an American aficionado of impossible bottles and you can find wide variety of impossible bottles when you check out his website. According to Laurence, puzzling can be an addictive hobby.

Thank you Laurence Crichton for allowing us to post and share your impossible objects. If you wish to learn more about his interesting artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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