Impossible Object

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Just like any other kind of impossible objects, this one dares me to see what’s wrong in the picture. This object is actually impossible perceptually and physically. However, this one is very tricky and the complex design can cheat the viewer’s eyes.  It definitely takes a sharp mind in order to see what’s erroneous about this object.

The Impossible Object

This impossible object graphic of Dmitry was made of Indian ink, pencil and crayon. It measures 50 x 35 cm. Impossible objects are also known as impossible figures and are considered to be an optical illusion. Impossible figures try to project a 3 dimensional figure which is interpreted by the visual system of the spectator. This kind of artwork encourages the viewer to intentionally analyze the geometry of the object and to conclude that it is impossible.

About the Artist

Dmitry Rakov creates wide variety of interesting impossible objects. His creations can twist your brain. The 2D figure in his work is subconsciously rendered as a 3D image even though such a thing cannot exist in reality.

Thank you very much Dmitry Rakov for allowing us to post and share your Impossible Object illustration. If you wish to see more of his interesting artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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