Kusudama: Ball Origami

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Kusudama: Ball Origami is an excellent book for anyone interested in learning how to make Origami figures. It was written and published in Japan in 1990. I don’t know how anyone would find it if they did not know the title and author. A check on Amazon lists 2,650 books under a search of “Origami”. However, you can find it if you were to search under “Ball Origami” or “Kusudama” or by the author’s name “Yamaguchi”. Kusudama is a decorative paper ball for festive occasions. Originally it was an ornamental scent bag hung to clear away noxious vapors, thus the name “KUSU” (medicine) + “DAMA” (ball). Origami works are usually made from one piece of square paper but Kusudama Origami is different. It combines several units of origami. Folding each piece and then joining the units with the completed ball in mind is an enjoyable process. No intricate methods are involved, folding and joining the units is simple and easy but the completed balls are spectacular. This is a basic book for beginners. The step-by-step illustrations are clear and there is neither guesswork nor previous ability required. The illustrations are large and the methods are very well explained. All the methods are in B&W illustrations and shading with every fold clearly shown. Just to show how beautiful the completed balls can be large colored photographs are given for each ball. These photographs give an idea of color patterns to use but the colors you choose are your choice. Each of the 25 balls are different as you can see from the cover photo and have a name, but why any particular ball has any specific name is somewhat a mystery to me. For example, three of the balls on the cover have names DIAMOND, BUTTERFLY AND ELEGANCE can you guess which one is which? You can purchase this book at Amazon.

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