Ocean Tower

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“Excellent sound design and fine graphics” (Bild.de)

“… Suggested for all fans of Sims Tower” (IGN.de)


Ocean Tower is one of best games of 2013. If you are a fan of simulator games, especially “Sims Tower” and “Sims City”, you will surely enjoy this one. Let’s imagine we are in the future, post apocalyptic age, just very few people survived. Place yourself in the role of leader. You need to guide your people as best as you can. You live in huge towers in middle of the sea and manage your home (tower) like you want. The main task in this game is to keep your people satisfied. Give them anything they need to be happy (have a smiley on top of their heads). I’m still playing this awesome Sims/Puzzle game and I really enjoy it. You can check the YouTube video links below so you can see what I am talking about before downloading it.


Here are some of the game features:


1. Great combination of Sims/Puzzle game!

2. Addictive gameplay!

3. Great and video effects!

4. FREE for download!


Just visit www.play.google.com for free demo download link. You can watch the game demo in YouTube for Android and IOS. Give this game a try and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below! Players, enjoy!


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