The Lagoon Group Mega Maze – Titan (difficulty 7 of 10)

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The Lagoon Group Bendy Buzzle is based on a test that has been used for years by the medical profession to test a patient’s eye and hand coordination. You may even have your doctor try this test on you just after the he tapped your knee with his little hammer to check your reflexes. Or maybe during your army enlistment medical check-up when he held your family jewels and asked you to cough. The only thing missing with the medical profession was the sound effects but then, when did examiners ever have a sense of humor? Pull this Buzzle out whenever you are looking for tension reliever or anytime you want to liven up things. The concept is the ultimate in simplicity. All one has to do is to move the hook along the wire from one end to the other without touching the wire or the Buzzle to give an irritating laugh. Does it look simple? Well as simple or hard as you want to make it, as the wire can be twisted and contorted to make the task as tough as you want. It will lighten up any party or gathering and could be a great safety device to bring out when someone has had a few drinks and is wondering or needs to be convinced they shouldn’t be driving.  As the cost of everything the government and police seem to do keep skyrocketing. This little device could do the job as well as any expensive breathalyzer on the market. My grandchildren are coming over tonight and I know they’ll love this Buzzle. You can purchase this puzzle at Amazon.

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