Butterfly Apple

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This deceptive work is fascinating!  The butterfly appears to be part of the apple. This is the kind of work that brings spectators into a world of wonder and beauty. Vladimir Kush has exhibited his talent in creating peculiar art through this very interesting painting.

About the Butterfly Apple

This is an illusory painting by Vladimir Kush.  Viewers must pay attention to the allegory in this painting. Vladimir painted this picture in such a way that it will look fascinating and enticing to the viewers. This work allows the spectators to use their imagination and freedom to perceive and interpret the painting. It measures 14×11 inches.

About the Artist

Vladimir Kush is a contemporary artist from Russia.  He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts. He has great familiarity with the masterpieces of the Renaissance; with Impressionists and Modern Artists. The originality of Vladimir’s painting is very noticeable. He loves to make deceptive paintings and he plans to open more galleries around the world in the future.

Thank you very much Vladimir Kush for allowing us to post and share your Butterfly Apple painting. If you wish to see more of his interesting works, you can go and visit his website.

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