Cast Amour

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Hanayama claim the Cast Amour puzzle has a difficulty of 5 out of 6. PuzzleMaster rate it 9 in a difficulty of 6 to 10. A “novice” would find it that difficult, while an”expert” might find it somewhat easier. It is a very eye-catching puzzle. Made of heavy metal, it has a shiny gold metallic finish. It also has a small loop at the top, allowing for it to be worn on a chain, though not included. It is about 2 ” in size, so easily carried in one’s pocket. It, like other Hanayama cast puzzles, is very well made of excellent materials, and will stand up to a lot of use. The object is to remove the two loops, one male and one female, and then put them back together. Excessive force should not be used, nor is it needed. This puzzle was designed by two expert puzzle designers, Oskar van Deventer of the Netherlands and Akio Yakamoto of San Francisco. Both of these designers utilize the magic of 3-D Printing in making their puzzles. A search of their names as puzzle designers on the Net will show some of the many unbelievable puzzles they have designed.

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