Cast Marble

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Another gem of a puzzle from Hanayama. True to form, the Cast Marble is beautiful to look at as well to hold. It is quite small, 1 1/2 X 1 1/2 x1 inches. It is also quite heavy for its size. It is made of solid metal and has a polished chrome finish. I am sure it will retain its beauty after years of use. It has a difficulty of 4 out of 6 to solve and similar difficulty to reassemble. However, with a little practice it can be taken apart and reassembled quickly, This aspect will amaze people when they try to solve it. There is one clue that must be discovered, or one can twist and turn it to their heart’s content, and not solve it.
The puzzle was designed by Bram Cohen & Oskar van Deventer. Oskar is a very interesting inventor from the Netherlands. He uses the modern methods of 3-D printing in making his puzzles as the pieces are so intricate that they would be difficult to make using normal casting or machines. There is interesting information on the net about Oskar van Deventer, how and why he invents puzzle as well as examples of many of his wonderful puzzles.
Like many Hanayama puzzles, they are well made and small, thus lending themselves to be carried around in your pocket and brought out to entertain and challenge friends. Most of these puzzles are attractive and hence are not intimidating.

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