Cast Nutcase

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Another great puzzle in the Hanayama collection. The Cast Nutcase was designed by Oskar van Deventer of the Netherlands and was added to the collection in 2007. At this time there are 60+ puzzles in the collection and in each package is a colored insert showing all the puzzles along with their Difficulty levels. These puzzles make great gifts, stocking stuffers, etc, for anyone who likes the challenge of a good puzzle There are no solutions provided with the puzzles, but there are hints and other help available on the net or other websites negating the temptation of discarding it if one cannot solve. Also, even after solving and putting away for a while, they can be challenging all over again. This puzzle is available from several companies and is packaged in different looking packages. But don’t let the packaging confuse you, they are all made by Hanayama and the quality is all the same.,though the price might vary.
Hanayama give it a Difficulty Level of 6 out of 6, Puzzlemaster rate it 10 out of 10.Some Reviewers have said it is not really that difficult, It all depends on how one perceives the puzzle is put together, how nimble and sensitive one is in manipulating the puzzle, and also with a bit of luck thrown in. The threads on the pieces can add a little challenge and a bit of lubricant will help here. However, be warned that excessive force being applied when seemingly jammed will result in cross-threading and damage the puzzle. If shaken, a small nut inside can be heard, but it is only a distraction, and doesn’t involve solving.
My best advice is to pretend you are a safe cracker and feel the pieces move and work from there. I often remark on the beauty of Hanayama puzzles; but this one doesn’t have much beauty to it. It looks like a nuts and bolt thing, nothing more or less.
It is sturdy, made of heavy cast metal with a bronze finish. It is about 2″ X 1″ and will not break or be damaged as long as excessive force is used, which may damage the threads.
Left laying around or handed to someone, looks like it would be simple to turn off the nuts; but it soon shows that there is something “Wackey” with this object; and now the fun begins.

You can purchase this puzzle or get a solution at Puzzle Master.

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