Dino Cube

The Dino Cube features an open sticker design and this really looks interesting to solve. This puzzle cube looks so easy to turn and move. With the help of some lubrication, this twisty puzzle can move very fast. This cube looks like a bit taller than the Rubik’s cube. This twisty puzzle was originally invented by Oskar van Deventer. This is a fun puzzle to solve and is recommended for both neophyte and pro puzzle cube solvers. This is just easy to solve and all you need to do is use your logical thinking and problem solving skills, spatial/visual intelligence and concentration. This twisty puzzle can keep the solver awake and focused.

You can definitely sharpen your mind by regularly playing this puzzle cube because it can keep your brain working. This puzzle cube can engage your cognitive skills and they will also improve. This puzzle cube stimulates your brain to work at optimal level and this will cause the nerve cells to increase and strengthen their interconnections. As a result, your brain is protected from damage. Therefore, playing with this kind of puzzle can help you prepare your brain in aging. You can keep a strong mind and you can avoid suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in the future. You can purchase the Dino Cube at Puzzle Master.

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