Figure-Ground Illusion Sculpture

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I find this Metal Portrait interesting because the face appears to fit in to the sculpture. There is no doubt that this kind of illusion involves great thought and planning. I find this illusion insightful because it reveals that perception is not just recognized by an image perceived by your eyes. This model emphasizes how the human brain processes its optical environment.

About the Figure-Ground Illusion Sculpture

This Metal Portrait by Brian Cox was inspired by the development of Rubin’s Vase that was created by the psychologist Edgar Rubin in the early 20th century. Edgar’s work is an ambiguous figure that can be viewed as either a vase or two human faces looking at each other.  According to psychologists, it depends upon whether a person sees the black or the white as the main figure. A person may see either two faces in profile (meaning the black color is perceived as the figure) or a vase in the center (which means the white color is seen as the figure). The metal portrait featured here by Brian has piggy-backed on the latter idea to create a metal sculpture that is the same as a human face. This art piece can be made in solid brass, stainless steel or aluminum.

About the Artist

Brian Cox is a contributor to the Metal Portraits website that features interesting sculptures to fit your face.

About the Author:

A Person with Love and Passion for Puzzles.

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