Filler is game where you need to grow your own lovely balls and fill your space. The player should not touch little balls while growing. The player can move while growing to avoid them. In every level, there are plenty of surprises and puzzle adventures that wait.

The player can use the computer mouse control to click and grow a circle. The puzzle solver can release to stop growing Fill 2/3 of the space to advance in the other game levels. Remember that filler ball is good but bouncing ball is bad. The player only has limited time, balls and lives for each level. Make sure that you make use of your available items really smartly. This is a fun puzzle game with lots of balls to manage and this game will enhance your strategy skills.

This is a great brain teaser for kids and adults. It is enjoyable to play and highly addicting. Just  to discover more about this game and where you can play it for free. This website is one of the superb sources of fun brain twisting games in the world. Go to the site now and find plenty of fascinating mind boggling games.

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