Graphite and Viarco Artgraf on Shoeller Paper

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Graphite drawings like this one look amazing because they can easily be mistaken for a black and white photograph. I find the woman in this illustration supernatural, she literally looks like a flower girl because of the flower that is entwined in her hair. This is one of the most intriguing portraits that I have seen on the internet.

About the Graphite and Viarco Artgraf on Shoeller Paper

This graphite drawing was illustrated by Thomas Cian in such a way that it will intrigue the viewers. Many spectators find this drawing perplexing because the hair seems unified with the flower. This portrait is often mistaken as a photograph because it was hand drawn on shoeller paper, which is a type of photo paper. Shoeller paper is one of the most multipurpose art materials on the planet.

About the Artist

Thomas Cian is a Milan based artist who has an exceptional gift in pencil drawing. He has decided to open the pages of his sketchbook in order to share his wide range of graphite drawings online.

Thank you very much Thomas Cian for allowing us to post and share your Graphite and Viarco Artgraf on Shoeller Paper. If you wish to see more of his graphite portraits, you can go and visit his website.

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