Krystian’s Disk

Krystian’s Disk is a discovery of Krystian Wilisowski. It is a disk constructed of 24 sections in six sectors. The segments can shift with respect to each other. It allows variety of ways in which the segments can be revolved.

This Krystian’s disk is a completely new concept for twisty puzzle. It features sectors and line designs that may tend to make the solver a bit dizzy. It is an artistic looking twisty puzzle without a frame or a core. The solvers can slide the parts or rotate them. Don’t worry because the chunks will not slide apart. The circle shape which can be found on the center can be turned as desired by the solver when trying to disassemble or returning it back. It is also possible to make the parts slide half way. The solver also needs to carefully align everything to get the moves started since it has no clicking mechanism. It turns well once the solver gets the hang of it. This interesting toy can be scrambled and sorted out in almost unlimited ways.

The player can get many benefits from this incredible puzzle toy. Its bright colors are enticing, it helps enhance hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. More so, playing such innovative twisty puzzle toy can help develop attention, focus and thinking skills like that of recognizing, remembering, matching, sorting and problem solving. You can purchase Krystian’s Disk at Puzzle Master.

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