Mensa: 75 Color Puzzles

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This is very typical of Mensa puzzles. Some are so straight forward that they can barely be called a puzzle; but that is not to say they may even stump some. Others are a challenge until you find the key to solving. Others will send you around the bend trying to find some logical solution. In fact, you may play around with every possible ploy and finally give up. Upon checking the solution, you may feel it was more of a trick than a puzzle. There is a common thread of manipulating colors, letters, numbers, figures, and a thing called an alphanumeric that has to be used to arrive at a solution.

The other thing about this ‘item’ is that rather than a small book, it is packaged in a small cardboard box and the puzzles are printed on cards–sort of like a deck of cards. It is very well constructed and could easily turn into a game.

Any puzzle enthusiast will get a kick out of this little gem.

This book can be bought on Amazon.

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