Mixup Cube

The Mixup Cube was designed and made by Oscar van Deventer and he thought of putting an internal 2×2 inside to give it a more stability. This is a 3×3 Rubik’s cube and it is just a little bit interesting. As you turn one side 45 degrees and the other side 45 degrees, you can continue turning it and the center piece will surprisingly become the edge and the edge will become the center piece. This twisty puzzle really turns quite stiff and the inner layers are freer but the outer layers sometimes get stuck together. When you move one outer layer, the other outer layer moves with it. The cube parts are not proportional because the center is noticeably bigger while the corners are smaller. Solving this puzzle is really not that hard and this is ideal for exercising speed solving.

You can simulate your brain and keep it fit and healthy by playing puzzle like this. Solving this twisty puzzle is very good for powering up your memory, logical and critical thinking, problem solving and concentration. You can enjoy playing and at the same time get the benefits for a strong mind. Playing with puzzles is a very good hobby and it will make you smart. You can purchase the Mixup Cube at Puzzle Master.

Thank you Kenneth for allowing us to use your videos.

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