Small Worlds: A Book of Photo Puzzles

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This is a little book just over 5X5 inches, containing 115 pictures. These aren’t just photos but are photo puzzles. On top of that they are enlarged photos of tiny things. The whole object is not shown, just a part of it. So, that is the puzzle, from this ‘hint’, you have to figure what the object is. Examples; the ball tip of a ball point pen, the clip that holds the spring in a mousetrap, a partial view of a can opener, etc. These are common items, but quite difficult when seeing only part of the thing.

If you like this sort of thing, you’ll find some in the game “Mind Trap” and even better you can go to the web site Mystery and you can find lots more. You can sign up (free) and get a puzzle photo sent to you each week. Test your skill and then see what success others had trying to solve it.

This book can be bought on Amazon.


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