Zygmunt’s Cube

The Zygmunt’s Cube was invented and custom made by Oskar van Deventer. It looks like a 4×4 cube but actually it is not. It may sometimes turn like a 2×2 and what’s interesting about this cube is that the edges can turn like a helicopter cube. You can spin an edge and switch cube parts. This puzzle cube is kind of stiff to turn and move especially across the 2×2 layers, it may sometimes create sounds like a Styrofoam and you have to grip the gear in bottom half in order to prevent the misalignment of the edges. When the edges become misaligned then everything will get locked up.

You must play it more often in order to become more comfortable in moving this puzzle cube. Sometimes you have to apply a lot of force in turning the parts but you need to be careful not to destroy this puzzle cube. Even though this twisty puzzle is quite difficult to turn, it is easy to solve because you can switch the pieces. All you have to do is to solve it like a 2×2. It introduce a new movement to the puzzle cube solver. Therefore, it adds new aspect to the existing puzzles. Dare to play and keep your brain sharp with this stupefying puzzle cube. You can purchase the Zygmunt’s Cube at Puzzle Master.

Thank you Kenneth for allowing us to use your videos.

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