3D Puzzle Buster

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3D Puzzle Buster is a neat little introduction set for anyone interested in puzzles, optical illusions, quizzes, etc. The pack consists of 9 thumbnail size wire puzzles. These are age old puzzles and are very simple to solve and actually the way they are solved is much the same way. There is small 3 3/4 X 3 3/4 inch booklet of 48 pages which gives a full page illustration for solving each wire puzzle. The rest of the book consists of 29 puzzles and answers. The quality of the wire puzzles is quite poor as the wire is very light and can be easily bent and deformed, ruining them. The other puzzles are fairly good and with a little time can be solved by kids or adults. Now let me explain my title. On the back of the package the price is stamped, $7.99 US,$10.99 Cdn. That is plenty to pay for this item. However, it is being offered here for $99.15.This is a ridiculously high price and anyone who pays that much for this kit will be very disappointed. Then there’s the shipping weight that is listed as 2 pounds. At the most this item weighs only about 3 or 4 ounces. You can purchase this puzzle at Amazon.


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