Escape the Phone Booth


Escape the Phone Booth is another Afro ninja escaping game. This puzzle and strategy game will never fail to give thrill and surprises to players. This game can really hook you up and it doesn’t matter if you are just a kid or already an adult. You will surely love playing and winning this game. This is a game where you are totally unaware of everything. The trick is to pay full attention to clues and apply creative thinking skills. You need to be alert and a lot of concentration is required.

The player needs to use the computer mouse to click on some items to explore and combine. The player can definitely exercise self-reliance in this game because there would be no dice friend for this game.  The player will need to escape the phone booth and fix things on is own. Just click on everything and everywhere to find your way out of the phone booth. Let’s see how far you can go in this escape game.

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